Liber Fausti

Night Sky / Astrological Ephemeris – March MMXVIII

  • ⚪ Full MoonMarch 2, 2018 
  • ☾ Last Quarter MoonMarch 9
  • ⚫ New MoonMarch 17
  • Vernal Equinox (Spring)March 20, 2018 
  • Mercury Retrograde BeginsMarch 23, 2018
  • ⚪ Full MoonMarch 31, 2018 

Rise up before dawn and you will find Saturn, Mars and Jupiter all lined up neatly in a row. I’ll be taking some pictures of them if I can wake myself up that early for once.

Artist Spotlight: Awhorea Borealis

I declare, there is nothing more Satanic (i.e. liberated) than a fierce drag queen. Drag queens have been known in modern times as leaders, innovators and icons. But most importantly, they are creators and illusionists. They tear down preconceived notions about the masculine and feminine, and around the world they are helping to build a society where people are free to express their inner selves.

One such queen local to me is the alluring and exotic Awhorea Borealis, a fantasy-serving witchy goddess (who towers above us at 6’8″ in heels).  She’s a dear friend of mine and is VERY talented in makeup art. Send her some love.