Report: Vision Potion

Apart from the use of potent psychedelics psilocybe cubensis, banisteriopsis caapi, psychotria viridis, amanita muscaria and ipomoea tricolor for visionary purposes, I have had less experience with the gentler spiritual energies of other plants traditionally used in witchcraft and shamanic work. For this experiment an herbal infusion was made using the plant materials listed below, suspended in alcohol for the length of a waxing moon.

Fun side note, I won this awesome mortar and pestle in a raffle at my annual Samhain gathering.

A blend of plants were prepared in a mortar and pestle. The plants and their main magical properties are listed below:

  • Mugwort – (artemesia vulgaris – Luna) Dream herb, prophecy, used in flying ointments, divination, sacred to Artemis.
  • Damiana – (turnera diffusa – Pluton) Clairvoyance, aphrodisiac. Sacred to Pan.
  • Galangal – (alipinia galanga – Mars) Aphrodisiac, protection.
  • Ginger – (zingiber officianle – Mars) Celerity, potency, passion, love
  • Clove (syzygium aromaticum – Jupiter) Protection, banishing, purification, mental clarity.
  • Peppermint (mentha piperita – Venus) Dream herb, protection, purification, sleep
  • Nutmeg (myristica fragrans – Jupiter) Luck, fidelity.
  • Dittany of Crete (origanum dictamnus – Venus) Spirit contact, spiritual vision, manifestation and astral projection.

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