An American Satan – Coming Soon

Having recently watched The Satanic Temple’s new documentary Hail Satan?, I am very excited to see this. The Church of Satan’s own documentary, perhaps an alternative to the TST’s recent work. It looks very promising. Coming to the Sitges Film Festival this October.

Sitges Film Festival


Artist Spotlight – Scurvy Drunkard

Scurvy Drunkard is an up-and-coming multimedia artist based in Australia. She first attracted my attention with the paintings she makes with her own blood. Everything she produces is deeply disturbing, and I absolutely love it! Her work touches on themes of fear, body horror, consumption, magic, Eros, and so much else. Who knows what twisted and depraved ideas will come pouring out of her mind at any moment?! See more on her Instagram.

Some of my favorite work of hers, featured below.

The Devil’s Rain

I know I’ve been on a Satanism kick this month, but can we take a second to talk about this disasterpiece, The Devil’s Rain? I kept seeing it pop up on Church of Satan forums and somewhere on their own website. It is cherished by some as a cult classic, I guess.

It is crazy to think of Ernest Borgnine as a baddy. William Shatner’s presence solidifies this as a B-Movie for sure, sorry Captain. I had such a hard time following this movie. The plot was disjointed, slowly paced and poorly dramatized. The ritual scenes were so…edge-lordy (and this is coming from me, the Lord of Edge Lords!). I could see Anton LaVey’s influence (he was a technical consultant on this film) from the use of Enochian and the ritual scene text taken verbatim from The Satanic Rituals. I tried my damnedest to keep pace with the plot but I kept falling asleep. Despite its shortcomings, there came a scene with a voice so familiar to me that I instantly woke up: Anton LaVey had a kind of cool cameo appearance in the film as the High Priest: 

Even though this movie has some accomplished actors and real historic figures, I just can’t get behind it. The only way to redeem this flick is to give it over to Mystery Science Theater 3000!

There. Now THAT’s appealing!