Sinister Ministers

This French priest, a fucking bag of slimy dicks, loses his cool and slaps the child who is clearly unwilling to receive the stamp of slavery endowed with baptism.

Filligree blackSouth Louisiana priest arrested for molesting 16-year-old boy. “Father” Steven Michael Guidry gave the kid alcohol and then sexually assaulted him. His bail was set at a measly $21,500, which I’m sure will be paid by the FAITHFUL of St. Landry Parish. Fuck this subhuman piece of filth! 
Filligree black
Archbishop Philip Wilson sentenced for concealing sexual abuse. However for some ridiculous reason (excuse) he’s not being sent to jail because he’s old or feeble or some other stupid fucking cop-out.

Filligree black#mourningwhileblack : Maryland priest Michael Briese kicks black family out of “his church” after a harmless accident involving his golden bauble. Funny, I thought it was supposed to be God’s church, not this guy’s.

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