Green Lung – Graveyard Sun

UK Doom Metal band Green Lung is constantly harking back to not only themes of old English witchcraft, but also to the 1960’s and 70’s Hammer Horror films. I am an avid collector of Hammer films myself, which is probably why I have recently fallen in love with this band. If Christopher Lee were still around he would easily fit into this music video, Graveyard Sun.

2021 Self Portrait

A portrait to reflect these ever unprecedented times. Taken in the brief period of summer when I was going out again. I at least got to do a Sunset Music Festival, Disney World, Busch Gardens, family reunions, breweries, sauna, Black Mass, “bus, club, ‘nother club, ‘nother club, plane, next place. No sleep. No fear.”

But now after doing many adult things including buying a new house and moving my magical HQ, summer break is over and it’s back to the books. More chemistry, more biology, more seclusion.

Book Review – Thirteen Pathways of Occult Herbalism

It took me 353 days to read this book because the text is so poetical, so full of rich imagery, and so difficult for the mind to take in. It is full of allegorical descriptions that require serious contemplation, and more than a few re-readings paragraph by paragraph. Schulke has returned the reader to the roots of the mysterious symbiosis between plant and Man. As much as men have cultivated plants for their society, so have plants cultivated us in return through the ages.
The reader is invited to deepen their knowledge of plant lore by entering into a state of gnosis from the plants themselves. They have been the teachers of the human race since the dawn of our time, and bestow their knowledge in both mystical, biological and chemical means. In Thirteen Pathways of Occult Herbalism, we are asked to return to the tutelage that Nature provides, and seek the wisdom of the plant kingdom in all its hidden glory.

Incipit Liber

February, 🌛 in ♓

Hello ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Faustus: Magician and self-appointed Missionary of Satan. Whatever I have to say about magic, the outré, sex, drugs, Satanism, or even the 5-dimensional Mantid that picks at your soul in the DMT realm, it’s all just a crock of shit. I’m not here teaching or preaching. You may have even seen my previous website, which was well known around the Catholic internet for it’s writings on Christian art. Ten years later, I’ve escaped from the box of Christianity to embrace the world and all its delights! Et transfiguratus est ante eos, lo and behold I am a new Man.

F Portrait

This is just a simple Southern boy’s magical diary, the public side of my Book of Shadows, a hodgepodge sampling of one person’s adventures in living deliciously, a mere scrapbook. The Scrapbook of Sin.

If you appreciate something I write here, let me know. If you disagree, that’s OK too. Enjoy yourself here, and Hail Satan.



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