Hail Faustus! Bitch, it’s my Birthday!

“The Satanist feels: “Why not really be honest and if you are going to create a god in your image, why not create that god as yourself.” Every man is a god if he chooses to recognize himself as one. So, the Satanist celebrates his own birthday as the most important holiday of the year.” – The Satanic Bible.

Last weekend was my birthday, which was celebrated with friends amid merriment, dance and song (we partied it up). I find the older I get, the more diminished birthday celebrations become–or maybe that is just part of life in your 30’s. But still we managed to make a big to-do and ended up at a ridiculous rave scene hidden in the mangrove beaches off the Gulf of Mexico.
Anyway I thought I’d take a moment to toot my own horn, and allow readers to know a bit about my real life and accomplishments. I do have to keep my identity somewhat concealed online because of haters–I have already received a death threat from some right wing wackadoo in the few short months this site has been up. But behind the edge-lord skull makeup and the costumes and the sorcery, I am a working-class stiff like anybody else.
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Monthly Ritual to Bind Trump

There are thousands of us working each month to eradicate the Trump pestilence from the White House, and remove his influence from all our sacred halls of government. I wonder where the world we be now if we had not been taking on this task since the beginning. Even though at times it feels like things are getting worse and worse, I believe that the unseen forces at work in the world are building up against this evil. The storm seen on the horizon is slowly looming toward us, ready to strike and bring the Tower tumbling down!

Find (and most importantly PERFORM) the ritual, found here.

Monthly Ritual to Bind Donald Trump

Does Donald Trump piss you off? Are you concerned for the safety of the nation, and the world under his rule? Do his paid lackeys and sycophantic band of liars make you want to scream? Well, DO SOMETHING about it.

First do something by VOTING regularly. Make sure you’re a registered voter NOW. Do not wait.

Second, if you feel so inclined, participate in this mass ritual which takes place at the same time monthly around the world. Literally thousands of magical workers are participating in this, myself included. I firmly believe it is working to keep Trump’s chicanery from creating a full on worldwide disaster.

You can find the rite, and its variants, here. Apart from the real-world effects this spell may be producing, it also gives me a chance to perform a monthly cathartic psychodrama to purge my poor soul from the idiocy that spews forth daily from the White House.

Young Witches in Britain, or The Golden Age of Witchcraft

Being a more “patriarchally” minded practitioner of magic, my opinion of Wicca has not always been a positive one. My rigid and narrow-minded Christian upbringing must have confined me to believing in a religion as valid, only if it had a mysterious and nebulous ancient origin. Wicca being a modern development (Thank you Mr Gardner), I took issue with what I perceived as artificial tradition.

I still don’t have much experience with Wicca apart from a bi-annual ritual gathering I attend, but I do appreciate it more now as I see it has inspired a new and growing revival of a modern brand of witchcraft. It is bringing young people back to nature, empowering women and the LGBT, and liberating society from the prison of the Church.

BBC Radio 1 released the short documentary below, interviewing five modern witches in Britain, who discuss the rising popularity of witchcraft in the West. We may truly be experiencing the dawn of a new Withcraft Revival, and that is definitely a good thing.


Artist Spotlight: Awhorea Borealis

I declare, there is nothing more Satanic (i.e. liberated) than a fierce drag queen. Drag queens have been known in modern times as leaders, innovators and icons. But most importantly, they are creators and illusionists. They tear down preconceived notions about the masculine and feminine, and around the world they are helping to build a society where people are free to express their inner selves.

One such queen local to me is the alluring and exotic Awhorea Borealis, a fantasy-serving witchy goddess (who towers above us at 6’8″ in heels).  She’s a dear friend of mine and is VERY talented in makeup art. Send her some love.


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