Sigil Success

You may have noticed the use of sigils, some hidden and some very obvious, which are placed around this website, on my Instagram and in my stories and feeds. I obviously can’t divulge their intent, since that would likely destroy their power. I will say however that they are definitely working for me, with great success.
I recently gave a talk at PRIZM on the theory of Chaos Magick and how to design and charge sigils for easier spellwork. Since then, my interest in them has been rekindled. I’ve been finding that sigils are great for smaller changes, or “quick fixes” in daily life. Posting them online has definitely made them more powerful. When someone whizzes past my Instagram story and a sigil pops up, I’ve got their attention on the intention, even if just for an instant. This has lead to some interesting and quick results in the past month.
Try it on your own social media, see what happens!

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