Visualization Spell for the Expulsion of Undesired Emotions

Here’s a little spell by Yours Truly. Although no substitute for therapy, this one has helped me many times when I needed grounding, or I just felt bad for no reason. “All things arise from Mind.” Often the emotions we cling to add a weight that goes unnoticed. Sometimes we can even feel certain emotions in the body. A “heavy heart” can really physically feel that way at times, no?

It is recommended to perform the LBRP before performing the operation since it may make you psychically vulnerable. You’ll need a wand, or you can even use your finger if you like.
Sitting upright and still, draw a bright golden circle around your body, turn it into a sphere around you. As the golden light shines through you, the tension in your body melts away. Follow your breath with intention, let go of your thoughts and watch them pass in and out of your awareness, but don’t latch on to any one. With your mind and body alert but at rest, perform an emotional inventory on yourself. Negative emotions, self criticism, bad memories, obstacles and all the psychic detritus that is weighing on you. Feel where they are sitting in your body. For instance, I always feel anger in my gut, and loneliness in my heart–but its your mind, your body. You could even do a head to toe body scan at this point, use your imagination. I picture these emotions as spindly thousand-armed parasite (sort of like that shit that came out of people if you ever saw the movie The Order?).
Before you do this next step, use your Mind to build an astral cage where you can trap the emotion. Sometimes our feelings form a life of their own, don’t they? Well you don’t want this thing to escape so make sure you have a place to put it once it’s out.

If you can’t build one on the astral plane, store-bought is fine.

With your wand, or a hooked finger, pointed towards you where your emotion is lingering, hook onto that “creature”, feel it wrangling around your wand as you slowly but confidently pull it out of your psychic body. Toss it into your cage. Repeat your scanning and removing as much as you need to. It helps to name the emotion as you are searching for it and taking it away. Naming our feelings makes them real, and is part of owning up to your emotions.Β This is a great time to be honest with yourself as well.

Feels good doesn’t it?

This little process is a lot like weeding a garden. With all the garbage gone, your positive emotions will thrive. Now to remove the cage: you could sweep it out with your favorite besom, throw it into a portal, or just toss it out the damn window. Just get it out of your space and out of your Mind.
Follow up with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, go eat some chocolate, jerk off and go to bed. You’re done πŸ™‚

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