The Devil’s Rain

I know I’ve been on a Satanism kick this month, but can we take a second to talk about this disasterpiece, The Devil’s Rain? I kept seeing it pop up on Church of Satan forums and somewhere on their own website. It is cherished by some as a cult classic, I guess.

It is crazy to think of Ernest Borgnine as a baddy. William Shatner’s presence solidifies this as a B-Movie for sure, sorry Captain. I had such a hard time following this movie. The plot was disjointed, slowly paced and poorly dramatized. The ritual scenes were so…edge-lordy (and this is coming from me, the Lord of Edge Lords!). I could see Anton LaVey’s influence (he was a technical consultant on this film) from the use of Enochian and the ritual scene text taken verbatim from The Satanic Rituals. I tried my damnedest to keep pace with the plot but I kept falling asleep. Despite its shortcomings, there came a scene with a voice so familiar to me that I instantly woke up: Anton LaVey had a kind of cool cameo appearance in the film as the High Priest: 

Even though this movie has some accomplished actors and real historic figures, I just can’t get behind it. The only way to redeem this flick is to give it over to Mystery Science Theater 3000!

There. Now THAT’s appealing!

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