Baphomet is Coming to Arkansas

Most modern Satanic movers and shakers know about the back-and-forth shit smearing that has been going on between The Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple who are both claiming the symbol of Satan for themselves. Listen, they are both doing different things and it’s totally OK to support them both for different reasons (Church of Satan might condemn me for saying that). The CoS is expressly uninterested in politics and is laissez-faire with its members and outsiders. TST is mostly an activist group that is trying to use the shock value of Satan to show the hypocrisy of Christians taking the sole claim to religious freedom. Specifically, they are trying to force government bodies in the US to uphold the sacred separation of church and state that is supposed to be one of the foundations of our democracy. Currently their fight is focusing on the state of Arkansas which refuses to remove a statue of the 10 Commandments from their capitol grounds.

“The Arkansas government has erected a 10 Commandments monument on capitol grounds sponsored by an Evangelist minister in the State Senate who has been allowed to abuse his public office to favor his religious viewpoint in a public forum to the exclusion of other voices. To rectify the unconstitutional appearance of official favoritism for one religion, and to establish a respect for pluralism and religious freedom, we, The Satanic Temple, offered our Baphomet monument to stand alongside the 10 Commandments. The Arkansas government refused our request.
In addition to litigating against this blatant viewpoint discrimination, we’re taking Baphomet to the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock and will be there at 1pm. We need your support.
If you can make it to Little Rock on August 16th, we implore you to come and stand with us. Let’s show Arkansas we will never be passive while our rights are assaulted. Help us to demand that the Arkansas government respect the Constitution. Let’s remind them that Freedom does not exist conditionally…”

They are quickly reaching their goal thanks to support from people like me and others who are deeply concerned about removing Christianity’s monopoly on privilege. If you want to contribute to the cause of moving the statue, do so!

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